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Owners Committee Q&A

Can an Owners Corporation have a ‘voice’ in any planning process?

No. An Owners Corporation cannot act as a representative body in a planning submission. Such a process is strictly for individual resident submissions only.

Where can I find information about how my owner's fees are spent?

Alamanda’s financial accounts for year ending 31 January 2011 - and the financial summary – can be found in the Alamanda Online file repository. The financial accounts are currently subject to audit and will be circulated with a Full Notes to Accountsand a Comprehensive Management Report along with the Annual General Meeting papers.

Has the Owners Corporation lost the Sports Oval?

No. The sports oval was always a Council reserve in the overall master plan when purchasers contracted into the estate.

Does the Owners Corporation maintain the Sports Oval?

No. The Council maintains and mows the sports oval and the “hard” surrounding items - fitness equipment, BBQs, pavilion, basketball courts and so forth. At a future point in time the Owners Corporation will take over the soft perimeter landscaping (outside the oval). This cost will be recouped as part of the Council’s cash rebate arrangement back to the Owners Corporation.

Can animals be banned from the Sports Oval?

No. However all Alamanda’s animal owners need to abide by Council regulations on this matter. 

Why was the Sports Oval built on the Alamanda Estate?

The Sports Oval is the result of Council’s requirement for Active Open Space.  This requirement was in the Planning Framework prior to Villawood owning the site.

What are the plans for the table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball court etc?

They are permanent fixtures and are now Council owned. Villawood has completed works on these items.

Were the design plans for the pavilion/sports oval subject to the same architectural guidelines all residents were forced to follow?

The pavilion at the Sports Oval was designed by Wyndham City Council.  The Alamanda Design Guidelines only apply to individual homes and are therefore not applicable to the pavilion.

Has Villawood taken into account the fact that the lighting design for the sports oval will disturb residents who live close to the facility?

Absolutely.  Firstly, the sports lighting design must adhere to Australian Standard 2560.2.3 to ensure that the required Lux ratings for sports training and match pracice were met.  Secondly, an Obtrusive Lighting Assesment to Australian Standard 4282 must be completed to ensure that no disturbance is caused to adjoining properties.  The current design for the sports oval lighting passed both of these standards.