In order to access Club Alamanda, each resident over 16 must have completed an induction.  

An induction is a walkthrough of the facility, explaining the rules of use, access, safety and amenities of Club Alamanda. 

A video to support your induction process can be viewed below:

Induction appointments can now be booked using our online booking calendar. In order to book an induction, you must firstly have an Alamanda Online account.  

In order to be inducted, you will need to go to the Register Tab in the Main Menu. Guidelines for Access to Club Alamanda

  1. Owners and Occupiers within the plan of sub-division are welcome to register to use the Facility. Owners and Occupiers being: Lot Owners as named on the Land Title or Residents as named on a current Residential Tenancy Agreement
  2. Owners and Occupiers have the option of using the Biometric Access Control System OR Access Cards. Access to the facility is granted to an individual user; access cards will have the user’s name and photograph printed on the card. Facility staff must be allowed to verify your entitlement or identity on request.
  3. Dependents of Owners and Occupiers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a Registered Adult to access the Facility as per current rules.
  4. Owners and Occupiers may apply for additional residents of a Lot to access the facility.  Such applications must supply proof of residence within the plan of sub-division.  Residents with a statutory declaration as proof of residence is accepted.
  5. Each Lot is permitted one guest at any given time provided they are accompanied by the Registered User. Additional guests may be permitted during non-peak periods at the sole discretion of staff for which permission should be sought in advance.
  6. Up to two cards will be provided per Lot at no charge. Additional cards may be purchased, up to a maximum of 4 cards per Lot
  7. Access to the Common Property will require a one-time induction to the estate unless significant alteration to the common property or required for insurance purposes

Club Alamanda Inductions Process

1. Register for a User Account

You must be Logged On in order to book an Induction.

You can Register for a new Account or Login by clicking the buttons below.

Alternatively, if you have an account but have forgotten your password, request a password reset here:


2. Book Your Induction

Once your user account has been approved and you have set your password, you will be able to book your induction.

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