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Yes, like any other recreational facility things like very hot days, peak time for the gym, the facility can get full. This is a challenge all great facilities have. From time to time, our staff have the right to call out when we reach maximum capacity and we aim to improve the capacity notification via the community website Please make sure you check status particularly on hot days during summer if visiting the pool. This is a challenge much larger commercial great facility also have so please be courteous to staff and security if this occurs.

Yes, each registered lot is permitted one guest at any given time provided they are accompanied by the registered user. Additional guests may be permitted during non-peak periods at the sole discretion of staff for which permission should be sought in advance.

Yes, as long as the adult has registered to access the facility (maximum of 4 will be permitted for safety reasons).

No, you cannot give your access card to any other person as it will have your photograph printed on the card. Occupiers in the household should apply for their individual access.

You need to book an appointment online to obtain card access.

No, you can only choose one option to access the facility.

You need to inform the Facility so that they can cancel the card and issue another card at a cost of $50

Up to two cards will be provided per lot at no charge, each additional card will be required to be purchased at a cost of $50 each.

Yes, facility staff must be allowed to verify your entitlement on request.

You are not obliged to answer any questions. We suggest you check with your GP before commencing any physical activity. As per the Alamanda Owners Corporation rules section 7 recreational facilities (f) Risk ‘All users of the recreational facilities do so at their own risk’.

Please register and book a time with the club via the Alamanda website through For any concerns please email [email protected].

Yes, biometrics is a significant alteration where you are required to enrol in a re-induction.

Only a one-time induction is required to access the facility unless in instances such as a significant alteration to the facility or required by the facility insurance.

Owners and Occupiers have the option of using the Biometric Access Control System OR Access Cards. Access to the facility is granted to an individual user; access cards will have the user’s name and photograph printed on the card & cards are not transferrable

All residents above the age of 16 years can get access to the facility. Any dependents under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult to access the facility.

Owners and Occupiers within the plan of sub-division are welcome to register to use the Facility. Owners and Occupiers being: • Lot Owners as named on the Land Title or • Residents as named on a current Residential Tenancy Agreement Owners and Occupiers may apply for additional residents of a Lot to access the facility. Such applications must supply proof of residence within the plan of sub-division. Residents with a statutory declaration as proof of residence is accepted.

All Owners & Occupiers within the plan of sub-division can register to use Club Alamanda

Opticomm have a list of all available providers that can be used for internet provision in Victoria.  To view the list click here. The information has links to the providers websites and also their plans and pricing.  You are limited to choosing a provider from one of those listed.

Firstly, anyone requiring and induction must register for an account on the Alamanda online website.  During the registration ensure you tick that you haven’t completed an induction. When you have registered Alamanda staff will activate your account.  An email will be sent to the address you registered with.  This will have a link to reset your password. Once you have a password, log in to the site and click the link on the main page to register for induction. Documentation to assist you can be downloaded by clicking here

There may be instances where you have concerns regarding the upkeep or possible hazards in the estate and would like action to be taken without you having to speak directly to the offender. Wyndham City Council Website has a Report an Issue section for this purpose. Report an Issue allows you to easily capture and report on common issues including Litter, Graffiti, Hard waste, Parking, Street Cleaning, Trees, Noise, Hazards and also provide a general request or general feedback. All reports from Report an Issue are sent from the website using your email address so that the council can communicate directly with you to fix the issue. You can add the website as an app on your smartphone by going to and then you can save it to add as home screen.

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