Opticomm are providers of the fibre optic infrastructure in the Alamanda estate.

Telstra copper cabling is available to homes up to stage 5 of the development any homes that are in stages developed after are tied to using the Opticomm fibre network.  This means that for stages up to stage 5 you may, if you wish, have a standard Telstra phone line and ADSL connected to your home.  For homes developed after stage 5 you will need to have a connection to the Opticomm network setup in your home and connect to one of their preferred ISP’s to enable internet and VOIP (phone) services.  Foxtel services can be delivered via the Opticomm network.

For faults, Opticomm advise that a customer (owners/occupiers) need to log faults with their ISP.  It is the responsibility of the ISP to escalate this to Opticomm if they believe it is fault beyond their capabilities to repair.  Opticomm will not deal with customers directly, unless, the fault is that free to air television services are unavailable in which case they have a direct support number:

Opticomm Free to Air Support Number – 1300 044 319

For new owners trying to get connected you can contact Opticomm on 1300 137 800 and they should be able to assist you in clarifying that your home is or isn’t connected to the Opticomm network.

If it is not connected they will be able to advise the steps required and associated costs to setup your connection.  If you are already connected to the network but just need an ISP for Victoria that you can use, please see https://www.opticomm.net.au/my-connection/find-a-service-provider/#1458115878707-3992b45b-70f0 for a list of ISP’s that service our area.  Once you have chosen one contact them and they will assist you in setting up your connection.