Fishing in the Wetlands

Many people have asked regarding people fishing in the wetlands.  This question was posed to council and their response can be seen below:

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. We have received other complaints regarding this issue in other wetlands as well.

It is not illegal to fish in wetlands according to state legislation as long as the fisher is in possession of a fishing licence and is doing so in the correct manner. If you suspect that someone is fishing illegally, you can report it to Fisheries Victoria:  

We have however taken note of the destruction of native vegetation, disturbance of native fauna and littering that often comes with fishing activity in wetlands. A couple of weeks ago Council met with Melbourne Water, the Department of Land, Water, Environment and Planning (DELWP) and members of the Point Cook Open Spaces community group regarding this issue at another site to discuss the best way to respond. We are currently exploring a range of options along with these groups to best tackle this issue.

We will supply any further follow up information from council when it comes to hand.  Please report and concerns as above to fisheries.

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