Owners Corporation Residents Committee Apology

Owners Corporation Residents Committee Apology

Dear Resident,

It has come to our attention the Club Newsletter circulated on Tuesday that provided members with an ‘Important Notice’ related to COVID19 close contacts inadvertently caused worry and distress to not only our members but the wider community via social media, for which the Owners Corporation and Club staff offers it’s unreserved and sincere apology.

Our Owners Corporation Management team also offer their apologies for including information that had not been fact checked or authorised by our Owners Corporation. We appreciate their intent was to remind residents to stay safe, but any information related to Alamanda College should not have been included.

The Owners Corporation takes this opportunity to thank Alamanda College, and residents for their understanding and patience, and for being so diligent in keeping our community safe in such unprecedented times.

It has been extremely joyful to see so many of you back at the Club and we hope this continues.

With Warm Regards from the Alamanda Owners Corporation Residents Committee.

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