The Owners Corporation Committee is, for want of an example, the board of directors for the owners corporation.  The committee is elected at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and each committee member is elected to hold office for a 12-month period and has the delegated powers to vote on decisions on behalf of all lot owners. Resolutions of the committee are decided by the majority vote. A tenant cannot be elected to a committee unless a lot owner provides them with their proxy to do so.

Committee members must act honestly and in good faith, and exercise due care and diligence to make decisions that are in the best interests of the owners corporation.  The types of decisions include appointing an Owners Corporation Manager, the budgeting of funds, capital works and maintenance expenditure, compliance with rules and regulations, and any other matters related to managing and maintaining the common property of the owners corporation.

Nominations for committee membership are welcomed, with twelve positions available each year.  All lot owners are provided with a committee nomination form with the Notice of Annual General Meeting.  

If you have a matter you would like the owners corporation committee to address, please email the details to the Owners Corporation Manager.

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