A residents committee is, for want of an example, the board of directors for the owners corporation.  These committees are elected at and AGM (Annual General Meeting) and generally hold office for a 12-month period unless they are re-elected or choose to resign.

A committee must be made up of at least 3 lot owners, tenants cannot be elected to a committee, with a maximum of 12 people.  Any person who elects to the committee does so in a voluntary fashion, committee members are not payed for their time.

A committee member is tasked with making decisions in the best interests of the owners corporation.  From the budgeting of funds, capital works, staff and the community as a whole committee members are tasked to steer the owners corporation with the assistance of the Owners Corporation manager.

If, as an owner, you may wish to nominate to the committee, nomination forms are supplied with the AGM notice of meeting annually with information on where and to whom they need to be submitted.

The residents committee is contactable via the committee chair.  The chair, or chairs in some cases, have an email address that residents can use to get in touch – Please contact the club for contact details.

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