Property maintenance in the Estate

To all residents,

We are writing to advise you that the Owners Corporation undertake property inspections and issue non-compliance notices to properties that are in breach of the Owners Corporation Rules. Every lot owner in the Alamanda Estate is a member of the Owners Corporation and every occupier of a lot is bound to comply with the rules and guidelines.  The Owners Corporation is guided by Registered Rules, Alamanda Estate Design Guidelines and Owners Corporations Act 2006 (“Act”). 

Each owner and/or their tenants are required to abide by these Rules, Guidelines and “Act”.

Regular inspections are carried out in the Alamanda Estate to ensure that all properties meet or exceed minimum standards according to the rules and design guidelines. Of late it has been noticed that the levels of maintenance in general has dropped.  We understand the weather conditions of late have made some maintenance difficult however as we are now moving into the warmer months we anticipate residents will ensure their properties are adequately maintained.

It is the responsibility of the owner and/or occupier of the lot to follow all Owners Corporation Rules.

The most common non-compliances identified are as follows:

4 (f) Upkeep of yard areas:

Must maintain and keep tidy the front yard to the standard of a first class residential development.
Grassed areas are to be frequently mowed, edged and kept neat.  Weeds are to be removed from garden bed areas. Areas where Tuscan topping or similar is used are to be kept tidy and any weeds growing through are removed.

4 (g) Upkeep of Nature Strip

Although nature strips are owned by Council, it is each occupier’s obligation to ensure that they are kept tidy, mowed and free of weeds, dependent upon the nature strip being grassed or topping based.  Under Council and Owners Corporation regulations occupiers of a home on a corner block are responsible for the front and adjacent side nature strip to their property.

4 (h) Rubbish Disposal

Rubbish bins must be kept out of public view (not visible from any part of the street) any day besides bin collection day.  Any debris, hard waste, litter must not be stored or left in public view at any time.

5 (f) Restrictions on Car parking

You must not park or allow to be parked on a Lot or any other road or any other land in the vicinity of a Lot any commercial vehicles (including but not limited to trucks, utilities, caravans, trailers, boats or any other mobile machinery).

If a non-compliance is identified, you will be issued a notice in your letterbox (a white envelope marked ‘Dear Resident’ headed with an Alamanda logo at the top) which will provide you with a clear 14 days to seek further clarification if required and/or to rectify the issue.  Please note that failure to rectify or seek an extension will incur fees as the non-compliance progresses.

Any queries regarding a non-compliance should be emailed to [email protected] with your address details and the non-compliance number listed on the notice.

The support of all residents in complying with the Rules and Design Guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Alamanda Residents Committee on behalf of the Alamanda Owners Corporation

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